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Who was Edmond Rostand? Google Doodle celebrates Cyrano de Bergerac author

Edmond Rostand
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Today Google doodle on Edmond Rostand, French poet, and dramatist to have fun with his literary brilliance. He is related to neo-romanticism and is thought exceptional for his 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac. It is a play of approximately a chivalrous swordsman with an oversized nostril. The play’s sentimental hero plagued by using a love triangle went on to symbolize the spirit of the French. On these days in 1901, Rostand changed into elected to the French Academy (l’Académie Française).

Edmond Rostand (Edmond Eugène Alexis Rostand) became born in 1868 in a southern port town referred to as Marseille and grew up in a rich and cultured circle of relatives. His father, a poet and an economist changed into a member of scholarly societies along with Académie de Marseille and Institute de France. As a younger person, Rostand attended Collège Stanislas in Paris, in which he studied literature, history, and philosophy. By the time he become 20-years-antique, he had finished his first play, a one-act comedy known as Le Gant Rouge. The play was achieved at Cluny Theatre in 1888. Although Rostand’s first play received little fanfare, it didn’t discourage him from persevering with writing down.

A few years later, Rostand created his first a success play, Les Romanesques, which become a parody of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The satirical play follows households who faux a feud to inspire their children to fall in love. When it premiered in 1894, it positioned Rostand on the map. Les Romanesques became so popular even outdoor of France that it became later adapted into The Fantasticks, the world’s longest-walking musical.

Three years after Les Romanesques, Rostand produced his maximum liked painting, Cyrano de Bergerac, in 1897. To this day, Cyrano de Bergerac remains one of the maximum famous performs in France, and those all around the global nevertheless are seeking contemporary versions of this story.

More than a century later, his endearing memories stay executed and resonate with hopeless romantics all over the globe.

Edmond Rostand’s work

Le Gant rouge, 1888 (The Red Glove)

Les Musardises, 1890

Les Deux Pierrots, ou Le Souper blanc (The Two Pierrots, or The White Supper), 1891

Les Romanesques,[10][11] 1894 (the basis for 1960 off-Broadway musical The Fantasticks)

La Princesse Lointaine (The Princess Far-Away),[12][13] 1895

La Samaritaine (The Woman of Samaria), 1897

Cyrano de Bergerac, 1897

L’Aiglon: A Play in Six Acts. 1900

Chantecler: A Play in Four Acts, 1910

La Dernière Nuit de Don Juan (The Last Night of Don Juan, in Poetic Drama), 1921

Le Cantique de L’Aile, 1922

Le Vol de l. A. Marseillaise, 1922

Source: Google doodles, Wikipedia

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