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What is Telegram? An onboarding flow with Telegram

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What is Telegram?
Telegram is an instant messaging device that lets you ship and acquires messages out of your contacts even without sharing your telephone-wide variety.

It does this through a communications protocol referred to as MTProto that gives you the capability to open different periods on more than one gadget without being related on an identical time.

The application changed into created in 2013 with the aid of brothers Pavel and Nicolai Durov as an opportunity manner to speak outside of WhatsApp. This is how you may send messages, video documents, voice notes, and plenty greater using its very own cloud.

It additionally gives you finish-to-end encryption so no person else can realize what you’re talking approximately.

What can you use Telegram for?
You can use Telegram for many things, some of them are:

  1. Sending messages
    Of path, being an immediate messaging platform it permits you to send and acquire messages to and from your contacts. You don’t want to percentage your telephone range, in fact, you may hide it to guard your privacy.

Telegram offers you the opportunity to create your personal username so you can be discovered thru its seek engine. You handiest need to realize people’s usernames and you’ll discover them in seconds.

You can send videos, audio, and texts, and make limitless video calls with many contributors. All this on your mobile cellphone or computer.

  1. Storing files
    Without a doubt, this is one of the most important blessings presented by means of Telegram.

The platform has its very own cloud, so all messages and documents you have got in chats could be stored till you delete them yourself.

How a great deal can you save? The amount you want, its capability is endless and you’ll shop for films, audio, and any audiovisual file.

Create unique chats to divide them into special topics. An example would be a circle of relatives photos, paintings items, and greater.

Is there a restriction when sending a report? Yes, the size cannot exceed 15 GB, but this is enough ability for almost any report.

Three. Create super businesses
Creating companies is a basic feature of any instantaneous messaging app, however, awesome businesses are something very unique.

With WhatsApp, you could create organizations with more of 250 participants and it has now not up to date this requirement for the long term. Do you recognize what the restriction is that Telegram offers you? More than 20,000 individuals.

Which is an actual marvel, and there are human beings like you who work in massive groups that want to be in steady touch.

With Telegram, you’ll achieve this without any problems and without taking over the area inside the memory of your tool.

  1. Creating channels
    Telegram channels are an exceptional device, particularly when you have a digital challenge.

It’s a one-way chat wherein best the administrator can be capable of sending messages to their subscribers. The folders can be public or private and it works as a conversation channel with a community.

The channels are high-quality to your emblem, as they can help you be in contact with capability clients, to allow them to understand the cutting-edge information of your products or services, as well as to understand their reviews about improvements to make.

While it is this simple, something has to go, and in this situation, it’s continuity. There’s no such component as your weblog here; you simply kind some content and percentage it using its URL, but you cannot write a new publish and assume it to appear above the antique one anywhere.

The platform additionally has a few abilities for abuse, as all people can type virtually anything within the “name” field, doubtlessly tricking people into believing the put-up has been written by way of a person else.

Telegram no longer seems to peer Telegraph as a standalone platform; as a substitute, it is a very good way to submit wealthy content material on Telegram, where Telegraph posts appear quite and load rapidly thanks to any other new characteristic known as Instant View.

Similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles or Google’s AMP, it fast masses content material from some assets, such as Medium or TechCrunch.

In a weblog put up pronouncing the brand new features, Telegram admitted that “only a handful” of websites are currently supported, but more could be added later.

User authentication is a critical count. Today, nearly every interest can be done online, so verifying the person’s authenticity to get entry to sure websites or structures are essential in phrases of privacy, safety, and more. Plus, person authentication is a procedure we undergo each day, a couple of times a day. Yet, these tactics are not constantly the maximum sophisticated ones!

In previous weblog posts, we’ve got proven to you the primary tendencies in onboardings and signups: top security, nice-in-magnificence UX, frictionless, and so forth. But today, we deliver you one of the contemporary trends in consumer authentication — onboarding flows thru messaging apps!

User authentication through Telegram
Authenticating customers via a messaging app –like Telegram or WhatsApp– is viable in case your authentication methods consist of magic hyperlinks or one-time passwords. Let’s discover each of them to see how they work and what their advantages are.

Magic hyperlinks through Telegram
Magic hyperlinks are authenticated URLs that are despatched to the person’s smartphone range or e-mail account. While the most common choice is to send these URLs to an e-mail account, it is also viable to ship it to the person’s telephone through a messaging platform.

Once the person receives the hyperlink, no matter the medium is chosen, they’ll be automatically confirmed and they may be automatically authenticated as properly. One of the primary advantages of magic hyperlinks is their frictionless fashion. Just by using clicking the link, customers may be proven and get the right of entry to the platform they intend to reach.

Magic hyperlinks can be used because of the only authentication technique, which makes them an enormously frictionless signup method and a splendid opportunity to passwords. Plus, it is considered one of the most comfortable signup methods, because it implies person verification, amongst different factors.

One-time codes thru Telegram
One-time passwords or OTPs are unique codes that are despatched to the customers, typically to their cellphone-wide variety or electronic mail account. Just find it irresistible to occur with magic hyperlinks, these can be sent to the user with different methods, along with a messaging platform app.

One-time codes are formed by means of four to six digits, they’re linked to one reference and they’re limited in time. Users are authenticated after they enter the code they have received in their tool in the corresponding time step.

This authentication technique can be utilized in multi-aspect authentication strategies, to complement passwords, or to confirm money transactions, as an instance. Although this is a much less common exercise, OTPs can also be used as the simplest authentication technique. In both cases, this is a at easy signup machine, since it is predicated on distinct standards to grant get admission to: the code itself, the reference, and the time step.

Advantages of authenticating customers thru messaging apps
Whatever option you operate, you can take advantage of the following blessings:

User verification. Onboarding users through Telegram allows you to add an extra verification thing, seeing that they need to click the hyperlink or enter the OTP code.

Frictionless. Especially practical whilst used as the best authentication factor, the usage of magic hyperlinks or OTPs in Telegram is an extremely good manner to shorten your onboarding paperwork and get higher conversion fees.

Sophisticated signup technique. Telegram lets in you to construct first-rate-in-elegance onboarding flows. You can use it both in passwordless paperwork or multi-component authentication bureaucracy.

Handy. One of the brilliant and specific benefits of the use of Telegram as a signup channel is that customers can attain it via cell phone or laptop. Either if your users sign up via computing device or cell, they could without problems reach their Telegram app and sign up instantly.

A real instance: Onboarding customers through Telegram
We’ll illustrate this approach with an actual example: the onboarding float through Telegram of Women Make.

Women Make is a Telegram-based totally network made for girls entrepreneurs to aid every difference. While Women Make offers content on their internet site, it additionally gives a Telegram chat in which participants pose their questions, display guide, and proportion resources. Taking this into consideration, it does not come as a surprise that their onboarding waft relies on Telegram!

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