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Verdict in Johnny Depp, Amber Heard’s libel trial stalled, jury to return Wednesday

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A jury finished the second day of deliberations Tuesday without accomplishing a verdict on the defamation claims of Johnny Depp and ex-spouse Amber Heard over their unstable and unhappy marriage.

The seven-individual civil jury resumed deliberations Tuesday morning. After hearing final arguments and deliberating for approximately hours Friday, the jury was excused for the lengthy Memorial Day weekend by means of Judge Penney Azcarate.

Jurors deliberated for seven hours on Tuesday, and they’re scheduled to renew deliberations Wednesday in Fairfax County Circuit Court. Judge Azcarate is expected to read the verdict whilst it is reached.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, accusing her of libeling him with a 2018 op-ed she wrote describing herself as “a public discern representing domestic abuse.” Heard filed a $a hundred million counterclaim in opposition to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” big name after his attorney called her allegations a hoax. Each accuses the opposite of destroying their career.

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No verdict but in Depp-Heard trial: jury disregarded it till Tuesday

Testimony all through the six-week trial featured a litany of lurid information about their quick marriage. Heard testified that Depp physically or sexually assaulted her more than a dozen times. During his testimony, Depp testified that he by no means struck Heard, that she concocted the abuse allegations and that she become the only one who physically attacked him, on multiple instances.

During ultimate arguments, both aspects told the jury that a verdict of their favor could deliver their customers their lives again.

On Tuesday, Depp’s lawyers requested Judge Azcarate to instruct the jury to push aside a portion of the closing argument made by means of Heard’s attorney.

In their written motion, Depp’s legal professionals stated Heard’s attorney informed the jury that its selection within the case would ship a message to “each sufferer of home abuse anywhere.” Heard attorney Benjamin Rottenborn told the jury that a ruling towards Heard “sends a message that regardless of what you do as an abuse victim, you continually have to do more.”

“No depend on how honest you’re approximately your very own imperfections and your own shortcomings in dating, you need to be best in order for human beings to accept as true with you. Don’t ship that message,” Rottenborn stated.

Depp’s legal professionals argued that Rottenborn’s argument improperly asked the jury to recognition on a bigger social goal than the case they’re being requested to determine.

“Such argument by means of Ms. Heard’s recommend improperly invitations the jury to determine the case ‘based on passion and prejudice’ and a particular jury coaching is important to treatment this impropriety,” Depp’s attorneys argued.

The choose told Depp’s attorneys in court that she might no longer entertain the movement due to the fact the case is inside the palms of the jury now.

A public relations company for Heard did not straight away respond to a request seeking comment on the motion.

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