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UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores final-minute knockout to win a welterweight title

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Round 1: Edwards lands a few leg kicks, then defends a takedown try. He then slips on an assault and Usman gets him to the canvas. But Edwards gets up, and with two mins to head, he scores a journey takedown into full mount. Edwards finally ends up taking the lower back and perilous a choke until the horn. 10-9, Edwards.

Round 2: Edwards gets his foot caught against the cage, and the quick distraction permits Usman to swarm with punches. Even after Edwards receives away, Usman continues up the strain, leading to 2 takedowns. Edwards is starting to look simply a bit worn down. 10-9, Usman. (19-19)

Round three: Usman resumes his stalking. A minute in, he gets a takedown. Edwards gets right lower back up, however Usman is throughout him. Edwards lands more than one photographs, however Usman again closes in, gets another takedown and takes returned manage. Then he is on top, in complete mount. Edwards looks drained, and Usman is rolling. 10-nine, Usman. (29-28 Usman.)

Round four: Edwards stands his floor, lands some moves and is close to a takedown. But Usman defends well, turns the tables and midway thru the spherical receives a takedown of his own. Usman is in complete manage, throughout Edwards. There’s a pause as referee Herb Dean sees Edwards grasp the cage to get up from a takedown. Dean puts them lower back at the canvas, or even after Edwards gets lower back up, he’s sagging. 10-nine, Usman. (39-37 Usman.)

Round 5: Usman keeps stalking, and Edwards isn’t always threatening. The challenger wishes to do something large, and he has not anything for Usman, who is cruising. Edwards lands a couple of photographs, but one is low. Then, simply because it looked like Edwards turned into out of it, his left high kick knocks out Usman. And new!

Paulo Costa and Luke Rockhold went into Saturday no longer best as two of the satisfactory middleweights in the global, however also of the middleweights in maximum want of a win. In the end, it turned into Costa who got it done.

Costa (14-2) out-lasted Rockhold (16-6) over the direction of a grueling 3-spherical affair at UFC 278 on Saturday, amassing unanimous judges’ rankings of 30-27. Both middleweights seemed sincerely exhausted in the high altitude of Vivint Arena, mainly Rockhold, who again and again put his arms on his hips among rounds and become compelled to respire out of his mouth because of blood pouring from his nostril early on.

It turned into a far-wanted win for Costa, who began his career with thirteen consecutive wins however become coming off returned-to-again losses to Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori.

For Rockhold, a former UFC and Strikeforce champion, it seemed to be the quit of the street. The 37-12 months-old again on Saturday from a 3-year layoff, and basically announced his retirement in the Octagon after. Although he didn’t without a doubt say he was achieved, he was extremely emotional, removed his gloves within the cage and nodded in affirmation when UFC commentator Joe Rogan stated the opportunity of it being his last combat.

“I cannot do that s— anymore,” Rockhold stated. “I gave it my all. I’m f—ing vintage.”

Costa, whose ultimate win became in 2019 in opposition to Yoel Romero, got off to a warm begin with the aid of protecting Rockhold’s preliminary takedown attempts. He landed several difficult hammerfists after stuffing one of these early tries, which without delay triggered swelling on Rockhold’s face and bloodied his nostril. He maintained a steady pressure on Rockhold on the feet, continuously taking walks him to the fence and throwing combos.

By the cease of the primary round, Rockhold’s body language was horrible. He leaned heavily on the fence among the primary and 2nd rounds, and again and again decreased his hands and searched for rests within the center of the motion. He clearly were given a rest within the 2d round while Costa landed an accidental punch beneath the belt. Even after the ruin, but, Rockhold persisted to respire closely.

According to UFC Stats, Costa landed 106 general moves to fifty seven for Rockhold.

Rockhold showed heart and will energy in the 0.33, while he persisted to throw dangerous photographs despite the fact that he become genuinely exhausted. At the give up of the fight, he reversed role on Costa on the ground and completed the round on pinnacle. The fight ended with Rockhold rubbing his face on Costa, so the blood coming from his nostril smeared over the Brazilian’s face.

Despite the 2 losses coming in, Costa is still taken into consideration a top 5 middleweight, even though he has expressed an hobby in boxing within the near destiny.

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