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Top 8 Photoshop alternatives for Chromebooks in 2023

Photoshop alternatives for Chromebooks in 2023
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It’s now not regularly that we see an internet browser emerge as a totally-fledged OS. And, that is precisely what occurred with Google’s Chrome. Chrome OS devices commenced out as little extra than hubs for checking e-mail and watching YouTube, but instances have been modified.

Today, Chromebooks provide a low-cost alternative to Windows and Mac gadgets. They cover a wide array of features, which include the ones sufficiently powerful to address minor productiveness obligations. The addition of Android apps means you have to get admission to the various exceptional apps Android has to provide.

As such, there are plenty of options to store your snapshots. But Editing them ought to show a touch tougher, as expert apps like PhotoShop are but to make their manner to Chromebooks. Thankfully, there are alternatives.

These photoshop alternatives vary from easy apps that can help you perform primary image modification to more complicated apps that characteristic superior skills like layers. In a state-of-the-art roundup, we define the high-quality PhotoShop alternatives to your Chromebook.


Krita is an app purposed for artists, and it’s the overall app, perfect for a Chromebook. Krita gives an in-depth selection of tools and functions to explicit yourself in any manner you can believe. With Krita, you may create drawings, manga-style comic sketches, storyboards, and more.

You’ll find a plethora of brushes, stabilizers, and assistants, as well as a useful distraction-unfastened canvas for generating art. It’s really worth noting that Krita remains in beta. As such, function availability and device aid may vary.

But even as the app would not paint with telephones simply yet, Krita should run on most of the cutting-edge drugs and Chromebooks.

Canva: Design, Photo & Video

Simple in terms of accessibility, Canva is the best app for anybody who desires to dabble in picture editing. The app features hundreds of free templates and options for enhancing your images. These encompass the potential to crop, modify brightness or saturation, or upload heritage blur. You can effortlessly set up a couple of pics in a collage as nicely.

Canva also permits you to create mockups of your preferred design, either with the aid of putting it on a mug or a t-shirt. Subscribing to Canva Pro gives you get right of entry to additional functions, which include top-class templates and a one-click historical past remover. But aside from that, even the loose model might not pester you with ads or watermarks.

Infinite Painter

Unlike Canva, which is purely a photograph and video modifying app, Infinite Painter is aimed at artists. With a recent patch, it obtained Chromebook support. Now, Infinite Painter might be the various quality drawing apps that you may get on your Chrome OS device.

Infinite Painter functions with hundreds of various brushes and pencils and simply as many settings to adjust them. A minimalist interface allows you to pin your preferred brushes and fast transfer among them. Infinite Painter offers a seven-day loose trial, and if you want what you notice, you could unencumber the total app for $10.

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

While you won’t locate a complete-blown Photoshop software program for your Chromebook, Adobe does offer some of its software through the Play Store as mobile apps. Lightroom is the various fine apps for passionate photographers. In addition, it has probably the most strong assortment of photograph editing functions.

Lightroom permits you to edit each photograph and video content, adjust such things as exposure, saturation, and luminance, place on filters, or maybe trade the angle of the composition. Many of these functions are free.

That said, you’ll want a top-rate membership to access a number of the greater advanced functions. These include the potential to carry out video editing, masking, geometry change, and get entry to the app’s cloud storage.

Pixlr – Photo Editor

Pixlr is a photograph editor similar to Canva. You can effortlessly mess around with backgrounds and exposure, modify the tone of the picture, or upload text and other results to it. Pixlr also permits you to arrange your photos right into a collage, with several layouts to pick out from.

If you are searching out an abundance of options, Pixlr gives over two million special mixtures of consequences. There’s a diffusion of pencils and brushes to make brief modifications with. But Pixlr can also robotically repair minor blemishes, alter skin tone, or do away with crimson-eye outcomes. Oh, and beyond this Android app, there is additionally a progressive internet app that still works great on Chromebooks.

Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro functions with over 60 filters for adjusting the visuals of your photography. This additionally includes alternatives for one at a time adjusting such things as brightness, saturation, and heat of the composition. There are over a thousand filters and two hundred visible outcomes to pick out from.

If you need to move similarly, there are alternatives for adjusting the form and period of the frame. You can even apply unique filters to make yourself look greater cartoony. Have you ever wanted to seem like an anime man or woman? Then this is the app for you. Keep in thoughts the interface is designed for phones, however for brief edits of your pictures, Photo Editor Pro works in a pinch.

PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

If you’re in the enterprise of going for walks a market, be it eBay or Etsy, you may need to check PhotoRoom. This image editor works further to many different apps of the kind but is extra focused on e-trade.

For one, PhotoRoom makes it smooth to dispose of pointless factors out of your snap shots. With a single button press, you may do away with backgrounds or specific gadgets or update them with something else. PhotoRoom additionally allows you to decorate pics with various results and filters.

Certain features, especially the ones aimed toward resellers, require a buy of a subscription. That said, there may be an ordeal duration in the vicinity, so you can discover whether or not you could make do with the app’s loose services.


Sketchbook is a drawing app akin to Infinite Painter and Krita. If you can’t anticipate the latter to pop out of beta, then Sketchbook could without difficulty fill that void. This app capability a plethora of equipment, pencils, and brushes to guide you thru the creation of a suave piece. There’s a clean and minimalist interface in an area that makes a specialty of just the gear that you need.

Sketchbook touts itself as feeling similar to the real thing. Meaning the app appears like a drawing on real paper. Pencils and brushes behave like their actual-world counterparts, too. If you’re extra vintage-school and reluctant to try your drawings on a digital pad, then Sketchbook could be the app for you on Chrome OS.

Accessible picture editing on your Chromebook
Chromebooks have come in a protracted manner on account that their inception. As long as your device offers a touchscreen, which most modern Chromebooks do, you ought to have no trouble installing and using picture-modifying apps.

There’s also the brought advantage of bigger-screen actual property, of the path. But on the grounds that all of those apps are to be had on the Play Store, you may just as properly use them across all of your Android gadgets.

We’d like to assume that we blanketed all the bases in terms of Photoshop options on Chromebooks. But in case we neglected any, by means of all way, allow us to know within the remarks underneath.

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