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Top 10 Tracer Skins in Overwatch 2

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Because Tracer’s competencies deliver her up close to her enemies in Overwatch 2, those using the heroine can without difficulty intimidate the opposition with certainly one of her alternate skins. Choosing which one to equip gained’t be clean for her, but, as she’s been handled to a handful of precise and reworking clothes over time. Here’s our breakdown of the top 10 Tracer skins in Overwatch 2, indexed in alphabetical order.

What are the nice tracer skins in Overwatch 2?

Although Tracer became within the British Royal Air Force, the cavalry beauty takes her again to the past due 18th century to make her a Revolutionary War redcoat. It’s a marked departure from her well-known fashion, which sees her swapping her orange match for stockings, a lush pink waistcoat, and a black tricorne hat.

Hong Kong Gildong

Based on a classic Korean novel Hong Gildong jeon, this Lunar New Year pores and skin offers Tracer the respect of carrying the equal tools as his Robin Hood-esque title person. Those who very own it are going to rock a bit of straw hat, blue armor, and a completely redesigned chest and again pieces.


Jingle is simply one of the holiday-themed skins that rework almost every accent on the Hero. It replaces her basic athletic equipment with a cute all-inexperienced elf dress and skirt that functions golden bells at the lowest.


Yes, it can simply be epic pores and skin, however, Lightning does make some mythical mods. Skin owners will stick out from the rest in their roster with their tight yellow jumpsuit and Tracer’s simplest blonde hairdo.


Adding some sharp racing threads to a man or woman of Tracer’s enormous velocity makes the best experience. Mach T does just that with a menacing helmet and match that dawns subsidized patches on her torso. This beauty maintains her blue and orange color scheme intact, despite the fact that gamers who need a yellow and black fashion may need to opt for T. Racer.


Inspired by a Chinese tutelary deity of the identical name, Nezha ought to now not to be underestimated. It can also include an interesting teal and gold get-dressed, but the fiery designs of its bracers and ankle splints are enough to scare away any foe. Best of all, the Lunar New Year style wraps Tracer’s hair in two puffy buns, making her nearly unrecognizable.


Some hero skins best use gold in small quantities. Thankfully, Posh isn’t shy about bucking this fashion, as his gold boots and bangles shine like no other accent before. Those who buy Posh may even find gold stripes jogging down her white bodysuit.


As unique as Graffiti is, its recolored tagged outfit truly does more to justify itself as a mythical skin. It functions the equal bronze gasoline masks and hoodie as the former, however, its collection of spray-painted designs makes the Hero a true painting of art.


It’s no mystery that Tracer wears some of the maximum colorful clothes in the sport, even though her ultra-violet skin is a clean spoil from the crowd. Its punk aesthetic leaves them with not nothing but black and white gear. The subject matter even extends to her hairdo, giving it a frosty white cut to healthy her striped pants.


Saving the high-quality for last, Tracer’s Will-O’-Wisp outfit transcends her ordinary layout to a not possible degree along with his sky-blue complexion and neon inexperienced hairdo. As if that wasn’t sufficient to terrify everybody in sight, that inside variety will witness a sparkling pumpkin with a sharp metallic tooth hanging from its torso.

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