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The 18 Most Anticipated Movies of 2023

The 18 Most Anticipated Movies of 2023
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After what felt like an amazing year for cinema, what we know about the films set to release in 2023 makes us eager to see them, whether from the theater or streaming from the sofa. While last year seemed like a lot of thinking about the world, 2023 looks like the year for blockbusters featuring talented ensemble casts, such as Dune: Part Two, Barbie, Oppenheimer, The Little Mermaid, and more. Here are 20 movies we’re most looking forward to seeing this year.

1 Wonka December TBD

Timothy Chalamet as a young Willy Wonka? Sign me up. The film recounts how Wonka met the Oompa-Loompas before his time at the chocolate factory and should be quite the nostalgic ride.

2 Barbie – July 21

Let’s go Barbie, let’s go to the party, but Greta Gerwig style. The highly anticipated Barbie movie has been kept tightly under wraps except for some (very viral) photos from the set. Regardless, behind the lens is Gerwig and a cast including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, Will Ferrell, Emma Mackie, Harry Neff, Issa Rae, Simu Liu, Nkuti Gatwa, Michael Cera, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Ariana Grande. Greenblatt, Alexandra Shipp, and Marisa Abella, I’m more than ready to uncover it.

3 off – 27th January

The French coming-of-age film, which follows two 13-year-old best friends, has been described as heartbreaking and extraordinary. Although we don’t know much about the film, its intimate portrayal of young male friendship can be a moving one to witness on screen.

4 Knock at the Cabin – February 2

M. Night Shyamalan, the filmmaker known for his twist endings, is back with a thriller about an existential threat that befalls a happy family of three when four strangers show up at their remote cabin. Based on the 2018 novel by author Paul Tremblay, The Cabin at the End of the World, what the threat is and what decisions the family has to make – Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge, and Kristen Coo – remain a mystery as strangers, Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, starring Nikki Amuka-Bird and Abby Quinn, brings up their family vacation.

5 Killer of the Flower Moon – May 2023

Based on the best-selling non-fiction book of the same name, Martin Scorsese directs the upcoming American Western crime drama Killer of the Flower Moon, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Jesse Plemons, and Brendan Fraser. The plot is based on a series of murders that occurred in Oklahoma in the 1920s after oil was discovered on tribal lands.

6 Oppenheimer – 23 July

Chris Nolan’s first biopic is based on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy), physicist and father of the atomic bomb. Even if you know very little about the history of the atomic bomb, the cast is enough to make me tune in, consisting of Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Josh Peck, and Alex Wolff.

7 Challengers – 11 August

The 5-year wait for Luca Guadagnino’s next film Calls Me By Your Name was painful. Thankfully, we won’t have to do that again. After releasing the visually stunning film Bones and All in 2022, Guadagnino’s next film is set to be released in August. The tennis drama starring Zendaya, Josh O’Connor, and Mike Faist is as visually stunning and emotionally moving as all of his work.

8 Cat Person – TBD

Based on the viral New Yorker short story by Kristen Rupenian, Cat Parsons will premiere at Sundance before its wide release. CODA’s Emilia Jones stars as Margot, a young college student who begins a relationship with Robert (Nicholas Brown), a 34-year-old who often works at the movie theater, a story that provoked reactions based on its subtle telling of #MeToo. Before the power imbalance in the relationship.

9 Magic Mike’s Last Dance – February 10

The third and final Channing Tatum stripper movie is back in theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day. Grab your people and watch the self-proclaimed Super Bowl of Stripping unfold.

10 Tila: Part II – November 3

The first installment of Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune was slated for a 2021 release, grossing over $400 million at the box office and scoring six Oscars. The second part of the film, covering the second half of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, will follow Paul Atreides (Timothy Chalamet) as he joins forces with the Fremen to avenge his family. Along with Chalamet, the cast is stacked with returnees from the first film such as Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Stellan Skarsgård, and Dave Bautista, and includes new cast members Florence Pugh, Austin Butler, and Christopher Walken. While the second one may require re-watching the first film to prepare, it’s going to be epic to watch.

12 M3GAN – 6 January m3gan movies

Whether you saw the dancing killer doll that went viral on TikTok or the 8 lookalikes that performed at the premiere, it’s no surprise that the horror film M3GAN is at the top of my radar for upcoming releases. M3GAN is an artificially intelligent living doll designed by roboticist Gemma (Allison Williams) who gifts the prototype to her younger niece after becoming her primary caregiver. What followed out the stuff from Chucky, but with a little more flair.

13 When you finish saving the world – January 20

The first A24 film of the year focuses on the complex mother-son relationship between Evelyn (Julianne Moore) and Ziggy (Finn Wolfhard) against a modern-day backdrop and all things streaming and social media. As the two struggle to connect, Ziggy follows a politically active girl from her school and Evelyn connects with a young boy where she works, making for a funny and emotional film from Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut.

15 Purple color – December 20

The musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s classic novel, which premiered on Broadway in 2005, is coming to the big screen (again) and features an amazing cast from the director who helmed Beyoncé’s visual album Black Is King and Oprah Winfrey as one. Following the producers’ female protagonist Celie (Fantasia), as she deals with growing up as a black woman in the South, we meet women as diverse as Sophia (Danielle Brooks), Shug Avery (Taraji P. Henson), and Mary Squeak. Agnes (HER), and her sister Nettie (Halle Berry/Ciara).

16 Are you, God, there? It’s me, Margaret – TBD

Judy Bloom’s amazing middle-school novel is finally getting a film adaptation. Known for its frank discussion of religion, sexuality, and female puberty, the nostalgic film is going to be an emotional one to watch. Along with Abby Ryder Fortson as Margaret, Rachel McAdams and Benny Safdie play her parents.

18 The Little Mermaid – 6 May

Ever since Disney announced that they were making a live-action The Little Mermaid, fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. After the initial release was delayed due to the pandemic, we finally get to see the film this year. While we’re most excited to see Haley Bailey as Ariel, the entire cast is amazing and we can’t wait to go back under the sea.

19 The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – November 17

As someone who went to every midnight premiere of every original Hunger Games movie, I’m excited to see the prequel hit the big screen. Following a young Coriolanus Snow (Tom Blythe) who mentors and develops feelings for the female District 12 Tribute (Rachel Zeigler) during the 10th Hunger Games, it will be fun to return to the world of Suzanne Collins. In addition, the cast also includes Viola Davis, Peter Dinklage, and Hunter Shaffer.

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