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Second Singapore F1 race emerges as feasible Russian GP substitute

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It has left an opening on the initial 23-race calendar that F1 turned into looking to fill with a go back to Qatar, which hosted its first grand prix final year at the Losail International Circuit.

Qatar signed a ten-yr deal to host a Grand Prix starting from 2023, taking this year off because of the united states of America hosting the FIFA World Cup. But it emerged because the robust favorite to replace the canceled Russia race, kicking off the triple-header going so one can take F1 onto Singapore and Japan.

But Autosport has now found out that a few uncertainties from the occasion organizers in Qatar have led to alternative options being explored, which include strolling two races in Singapore.

The concept has been discussed with the promoters in Singapore, that can in all likelihood run the 2 races on consecutive weekends at Marina Bay Street Circuit at slightly extraordinary instances of day, starting one at nightfall earlier than the opposite keeping the traditional 8 pm start for a full night race.

A comparable approach become taken for the pair of races in Bahrain on the stop of 2020 when the Sakhir Grand Prix began a few hours later than the Bahrain Grand Prix one week in advance.

Singapore has no longer hosted a grand Prix considering 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, has currently reopened to tourists and plans are moving beforehand for F1 to go back at the scheduled 2 October weekend.

F1 stays dedicated to ensuring its record 23-race calendar is fulfilled this year, with Singapore being simply one viable alternative to replace Russia oughta deal with Qatar not be finalized.

Another choice may be to go back to Bahrain to person the outer loop format of the Bahrain International Circuit, which staged the Sakhir Grand Prix at the end of 2020.

One of the largest concerns for Qatar about website hosting the alternative round is the heat on the cease of September, while the common high is 38ºC at some point of the day.

But the later walking of the race could allay issues approximately the heat and has already been discussed with groups as being viable. The 2021 race began at 5 pm nearby time, 15 mins after sunset.

The proximity to the start of the World Cup on 21 November might additionally imply the grand Prix ought to act as an in additional warm-up for Qatar to stage a prime occasion.

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