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Raquel Welch, who rose to repute as an intercourse image in the Nineteen Sixties, has died. She turned 82.

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Welch’s son, Damon, confirmed she died Wednesday at her home in Los Angeles after a brief contamination.

‘She handed away with out a ache,’ he stated. ‘I’m very proud about what she contributed to society and her career and everything. I’m most pleased with her doing the united statesO tours with Bob Hope in the course of the past due 60s and early 70s. We neglected Christmas along with her for three years at the same time as she was doing that. She said that changed into the hardest aspect.’

Welch’s profession began inside the Nineteen Sixties with appearances on TV suggests consisting of The Virginian, McHale’s Navy and Bewitched. That paved the manner for returned-to-again roles in Fantastic Voyage, and One Million Years B.C. That latter function catapulted her to sex image fame. Welch would go on to star in several movies, such as 1970’s Myra Breckinridge, wherein she performed a trans actress, and The Three Musketeers, which earned her a Golden Globe in 1974 for satisfactory actress in a movement photo comedy or musical.

She leaves in the back of her two youngsters, her son Damon Welch and her daughter, Tahnee Welch.

Welch changed into born Jo-Raquel Tejada in Chicago, Illinois to a Bolivian father and an American mom.

Though she did not frequently discuss her identity inside the early years of her profession, the actress embraced her Latinidad in the early 2000s, both by speakme openly approximately her background and by means of gambling Latina roles like Aunt Dora in the PBS show American Family and Hortensia in the film Tortilla Soup.

‘Raquel Welch become a screen legend in the course of a time whilst Latinos hardly ever had been given any paintings in Hollywood (except it became a stereotype),’ said film critic and Entertainment Weekly editor Yolanda Machado. ‘She had to conceal her identity to be triumphant, and regardless of what a heavy weight that can have been to conceal, she triumphed in memorable performances that stand as a portal into a whole generation.’

Welch told the New York Times in 2002 that although she did not try and deliberately cowl up her Bolivian history, it wasn’t a big a part of her tradition at domestic because of her father’s tries to assimilate as a great deal as viable.

‘Those those who wanted to make it within the American gadget discovered it necessary and suited to sort of suppress their Latino excellent,’ she defined. ‘He never spoke any Spanish inside the home, in order no longer to have us have an accessory. We in no way have been in a community where there had been different Latinos around. I did not understand any Latin human beings.’

Welch went on to say that even though she partly resented his erasure in their background, she understood he become seeking to guard the family from dealing with prejudice and discrimination.

But forty years into her profession, as Latinos made more strides for inclusivity in Hollywood, so did Welch.

‘Latinos are here to live,’ she stated at a National Press Club Luncheon in 2002. ‘As citizen Raquel, I’m proud to be Latina.’

Political cartoonist and TV creator Lalo Alcaraz stated that even though Welch’s history may have come as a marvel to many, he’s venerated Latinos can say she belongs to the network.

‘We do not have that many stars,’ Alcaraz said. ‘Raquel Welch is viewed as one of our stars, and I’m glad and proud approximately that.’

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