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MHS Roundtable: Who will lead production at extensive receiver for Denver Broncos in 2022?

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Ahead of the 2022 NFL season, which Denver Broncos players should lead the team’s offensive production in receiving yards, receptions, and touchdowns this year?

Our Mile High Sports Broncos staff shared their selections for the upcoming season.

Who leads the Denver Broncos in total receptions?
Cody Roark’s pick: Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton must lead the team in receptions. After an injury derailed his 2020 season, and QB play impacted his production in 2021, he ought to return to shape as the crew’s top receiver. With Russell Wilson underneath the middle, Sutton might be a high-extent goal wideout in 2022.

Zach Segars’ pick: Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton. He’s the bonafide No. 1 receiver of this offense and may attack the defense and create performs across all levels of the sector.

Rich Kurtzman’s choice: Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton can be the team chief in receptions when the season is stated and achieved. Sutton has been the pleasant receiver at the crew for a few years however now he has a celeb quarterback in Russell Wilson, which means he could have extra catchable passes thrown his way. Plus, he’s pleasant at 50/50 balls on the team, so I expect him to go up and get some of the ones, too.

Lindsey Bebout’s choice: Courtland Sutton

I’m going to play it secure here and say, Courtland Sutton. Even even though he hasn’t had extra than 70 receptions due to the fact 2019, Sutton has proven what he’s able to in spite of way less talented quarterbacks. What’s so exciting approximately this extensive receiving core is that I wouldn’t be shocked to be incorrect approximately this as each one of the main four has the capability for a professional yr.

Who leads the Broncos in receiving yards?
Cody Roark’s pick: Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy will lead the Broncos in receiving yards in 2022. While Courtland Sutton can also lead the crew in receptions and volume, Jeudy could be the beneficiary of teams having to awareness their coverage on Sutton and Patrick on the outside. In this offense, Jeudy must anticipate peering at high degrees of manufacturing over the deep intermediate areas of the sector. Plus, together with his run-after-the-capture ability, he’ll rack up an extensive amount of yards.

Zach Segars’ pick out: Courtland Sutton

Sutton will lead in both receptions and receiving yards. He’ll be used vertically a good buy, so if he leads in receptions, he’s sure to guide in yards, way to a high YPC number.

Rich Kurtzman’s choice: Courtland Sutton

Give me Sutton here once more. I almost stated Jerry Jeudy, but Jeudy wishes to prove himself and prove he can stay on the field extra constantly.

Lindsay Bebout’s choice: Courtland Sutton

I said Sutton might have the maximum receptions, and I also think so one can translate into receiving yards as properly. I expect he’s going to hit at least 1,000 yards for the second time in his profession!

Who leads the Broncos in receiving touchdowns?
Cody Roark’s pick out: Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy will lead the Broncos in receiving touchdowns in 2022. With how brilliant of a route runner Jeudy is, his potential to create separation while the Broncos get into the pink sector could be something he and Russell Wilson capitalize on lots towards opposing defenses this season.

Zach Segars’ select: Tim Patrick

To continue to be interesting I’ll go with Patrick over Sutton right here. Patrick is better within the purple zone by a hair, although he’ll ultimately play 2d fiddle to Sutton universal.

Rich Kurtzman’s pick: Jerry Jeudy

OK, I’ll take Jeudy right here, within the wish he begins to shine this season, starting inside the purple region. Coming out of college, Jeudy changed into the maximum polished path runner inside the NFL Draft, and perhaps he’s capable of positioning that on display this 12 months inside the pink quarter with Russell Wilson.

Lindsay Bebout’s pick: Tim Patrick

This might appear to be a piece of a curve ball, but I am going with Tim Patrick. Little recognized fact: He lead the team in receiving touchdowns in 2021. He’s very rarely dropped the ball and has demonstrated to be a dependable weapon, so I really think Russell Wilson will view him the identical.

Who leads the Broncos in receptions of 20+ yards?
Cody Roark’s pick out: Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton will lead the Broncos offense in 2022 with receptions of 20+ yards or more. According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Sutton ranked second inside the NFL final season in common focused air yards (15.Four) at the same time as retaining a 34.Five% percentage of the Broncos’ air yards closing season with Teddy Bridgewater as the quarterback. In Seattle, D.K. Metcalf averaged 12.1 focused air yards and held a 36.Seventy one% proportion of the Seahawks’ air yards remaining season. In different phrases, Russell Wilson ought to permit it fly to Sutton this season downfield.

Zach Segars’ pick: Courtland Sutton

The Russell Wilson offense is the Russell Wilson offense, and that means quite a few aggressive deep shots for Denver’s receivers. That aligns perfectly with Sutton’s skill set, and he’s likely to enjoy a throughout-the-board breakout marketing campaign.

Rich Kurtzman’s pick out: KJ Hamler

KJ Hamler. Hamler’s proven his instantly-line velocity strolling capacity, and that he’s a big-play threat in spite of subpar quarterbacks. It might be thrilling to see how he performs this yr with a celeb slinging him the pigskin.

Lindsay Bebout’s select: KJ Hamler

I assume he’ll have the bottom stats of the core four inside the preceding 3 categories, but I think KJ Hamler goes to be the fellow they turn while the Broncos want huge, explosive plays. He’s by way of a long way the fastest extensive receiver at the crew, and I assume the training team of workers goes to do the whole thing they are able to to work to every participant’s strengths. Hamler simply needs to live wholesome!

As the Broncos put together to file for schooling camp on July 27, the team’s huge receiving middle can have numerous attention on them as they work to pop out of the gates firing after they face the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1.

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