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Leclerc will “assume two times” about driving historical F1 cars after Monaco crash

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Leclerc changed into taking part in an illustration run at the 2022 Monaco Historic event last Sunday whilst the 1974 Ferrari 312B3 suffered brake trouble.

The 2022 Bahrain and Australian GP winner became on his 1/3 lap when he lost the rear of the auto into the famous Rascasse proper-hander, finishing up inside the barriers.

His team-mate Carlos Sainz said on Thursday that he wouldn’t want to take the risk of driving an ancient car even as Ferrari has been within the identity fight.

Despite his crash, Leclerc stated it became ‘always an honour’ for him to pressure historical motors and that “it’s additionally a part of our activity and sometimes we need to go into the one’s motors.”

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He stated: ‘To be sincere earlier than that I suppose all the checks that had to be done were performed.

‘Obviously, there was a shakedown of this car the Thursday earlier than and yeah, the failure that befell became on a screw of the brake pads and it’s not possible to realize.

‘So fighting for a championship like this, I will assume twice about doing it again within the destiny, but yeah, it’s also part of our task and now and again we want to enter those cars.

‘It’s constantly also an honour for me and I’m constantly very glad and very glad to be driving the one’s motors and continually a pleasure too.

‘But yeah, it’s always stability you want to locate and of the route when you are combating for the championship, or just average, because it’s for protection is preferred.

‘I had a lot of fun and this became unfortunate however again, it became simply unfortunate.’

Leclerc also recently examined Gilles Villeneuve’s revered 312T4 from 1979 around Fiorano to mark the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Grand Prix winner’s death.

But he stated he had more amusement in Lauda’s automobile because of the 312T4 walking on museum tyres.

Leclerc said: ‘Niki’s one become excellent till the failure, it becomes a chunk less terrific there, but to be honest the only of Gilles that I drove had the museum tyres, so I couldn’t push in any respect, they had been very very vintage tyres and it became hard to head over 100km/h.

‘I had loads extra a laugh in Niki’s vehicle.’

The Ferrari motive force, who leads the 2022 F1 drivers’ standings after five rounds, stated he feels an emotional connection driving ancient vehicles and said it’s ‘not able to enjoy what it changed into like and what it’s like now.’

He delivered: “Of direction it’s miles, they are drivers that I’ve never seen in real lifestyles, manifestly now with social media you get to look quite a few their fights.

‘You simplest appreciate how a good deal hazard they were taking once you really get into certainly one of their cars and see what became the safety that they had at that time and what it meant to be preventing wheel to wheel at the ones speeds with the one’s automobiles.

‘I think also it’s remarkable to enjoy what it changed into like and what it’s like now, it’s very unique now, it’s a lot faster but it’s also a lot more secure and we don’t have the safety in thoughts as a whole lot as they likely did when they had been racing.

‘I got to satisfy Niki a few times inside the paddock within the beyond and yeah, they may be simply legends of our sports, of the direction it’s usually brilliant to be using their vehicles.’

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