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How to Celebrate in Style With PATRÓN® This Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo
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This Cinco de Mayo, PATRÓN Tequila, the sector’s No. 1 splendid-top rate tequila*, is raising a tumbler and celebrating the nice way they know how — with familia. Sharing a passion for craft and formidable innovation, PATRÓN and famed streetwear dressmaker John Geiger have teamed up once again to release the restricted-edition PATRÓN x John Geiger GF-01 footwear offering a colorway and uncommon substances stimulated by the logo’s agave fields in Jalisco, Mexico.

The luxury sneaker is an instance of the dedication to perfection this is on the middle of the whole thing PATRÓN does and the attention to element that John puts into everyone in every one of his specific designs. With each collaborator rooted in precise taste, experiential living, and timeless fashion, this partnership is a suitable way to rejoice in the vacation.

Both PATRÓN and Geiger’s work talk to the necessary care needed to create a truly specific, class-leading product in their respective fields. Geiger’s sneakers are precision-made from extremely good textiles, and the designs for this partnership and specialty leather-based used were immediately inspired by the agave fields of Jalisco. Vibrant shades, together with an outdoors to fit the emblem’s signature light green ribbon on a vivid white historical past, name PATRÓN to mind with a simple glance. The design’s tan insole further solidifies the product’s proximity to the fields in which PATRÓN grows the a hundred percent Weber Blue Agave essential to craft its actually perfect tequila.

When speaking about the collaboration, Geiger says: “I’m always stimulated and inspired through PATRÓN. I loved running with them last year on our streetwear series and this is any other collaboration truly driven by way of passion. It changed into most effective becoming to head bigger and better for Cinco de Mayo with an epic sneaker drop that takes the designs we created with them closing yr to the next level. I turned into surely inspired by means of the green that you’ll see in the leather-based detailing, evocative of the coronary heart of PATRÓN, the agave piñas from the fields in Jalisco, Mexico.”

As versatile as PATRÓN Silver tequila, this footwear can take you from the courts to the cocktail bar, and anywhere in among.

People are the pulse of PATRÓN — and no Cinco de Mayo birthday party might be complete without cocktails shared with pals. For a lineup as well-rounded as the group — and kicks — you’ll rejoice in Cinco de Mayo with, appearance no in addition to vivid and delicious cocktails that spotlight a spread of components for a definitely scrumptious drink. From the clean and candy taste PATRÓN Silver brings to the Strawberry Summer Mule, to the complex flavors of PATRÓN Reposado that make the Perfect Paloma, PATRÓN provides a versatile contact to any Cinco de Mayo birthday party, something cocktail you choose.

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