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Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy Break Up Ahead of One-Year Anniversary

Chelsea Handler
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Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy are calling it quits simply shy in their one-year anniversary. Handler shared the information of the couple’s unexpected split on Instagram Monday. Sharing a reel the couple made in the birthday celebration of one year of courting, Handler found out that she and Koy were taking a “break” from their relationship in the meantime.

“In anticipation of celebrating our first 12 months collectively, Jo and I recorded this video early, but as lots of you have observed, it’s miles with a heavy heart to announce that we have determined together that it is first-rate for us to take a break from our relationship proper now,” Handler wrote along the clip which showed off their playful dating. “I know a lot of you have been invested in our love, and I wanted to express to you the way tons that supposed to each folk. How a lot it still means. And how plenty I now consider in love for every one of us.”

Though they’re stepping far from their courting, Handler said her enjoy with Koy has modified her lifestyle “all the time,” calling being loved via the guy comic “one of the finest presents” of her lifestyle.

“This man blew my coronary heart open with love and due to him, my life revel in has changed all the time. To be loved and loved with the aid of @jokoy has been one of the finest gifts of my life. He renewed my religion in men, in love, in being a hundred% who I am, and I’ve in no way been more constructive for the destiny,” she persevered.

The 47-year-old funny lady then went on to deal with Koy immediately, praising him, and selling his upcoming challenge while asking her fans to root for the pair of them.

“Jo- you blew my creativity open, my lust for operating difficult again, being on the street again, and also you jogged my memory who I turned into and always have been, and my ft have never been more firmly planted in the floor,” Handler shared. “This isn’t always a finishing. It’s every other beginning, and it’s a comfort to understand that I am nevertheless cherished and love this man the way the sun loves the moon and the moon loves the sun. YOUR PERSON IS COMING.”

Adding, “So, please retain to root for both people, due to the fact you never realize what life will deliver and permit first begin via all going to the theater on August 5th to buy tickets to Jo’s new film EASTER SUNDAY and Filipino PRIDE! Let’s go!”

News of their breakup comes a bit over a month after Handler penned a candy birthday tribute to 51-year-vintage Koy, sharing together with her fans that the actor and comic ticked all the packing containers she changed into seeking out in an accomplice.

Handler confirmed her dating Koy again in September when she took to Instagram and stated she’s fallen in love.

“Just sitting right here in Mallorca considering how grateful I am to have so many human beings that I love in my lifestyles, to stay the life I do, and to be going on excursions doing what I love,” she captioned her post. “And that I’m in the end in love, with the high-quality sort of guy there may be,” she wrote. “There is hope for everybody! That sort of stuff.”

A few weeks later, on her podcast, Handler shared how her 18-yr friendship with Koy became something greater.

Just earlier than the COVID-19 pandemic, Koy asked Handler to write a blurb for his ebook, Mixed Plate, while the two reconnected. They began texting, putting out or even FaceTiming regularly too. After 4 months apart, they determined to go out to dinner.

“The minute we were each returned in L.A., we have been like, ‘Let’s go to dinner,'” Koy recalled. From there, the pair began spending plenty of time together and matters improved “organically,” Handler explained.

But it wasn’t till Handler’s go back to the stage for the duration of a display in Las Vegas that she felt something become extraordinary among her and her longtime friend. After getting returned to L.A., the couple spent masses of time collectively, with Koy joining the Dear Chelsea podcast host on the street for her comedy tour, accompanying her to the 2022 GRAMMY Awards and extra.

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