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Cara Delevingne fangirling over Megan Thee Stallion at Billboard Music Awards has lovers puzzled

Cara Delevingne
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It looks as if the Hotties, a nickname for Megan Thee Stallion’s fanbase, may also have some opposition from Cara Delevingne, who spent an awful lot of Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards vying for the rapper’s attention.

It became huge nighttime for Megan, who did a medley of her songs “Plan B” and “Sweetest Pie,” and clinched the award for pinnacle rap woman artist.

And primarily based on footage of the crimson carpet and from inside the award rite, Delevingne was there to have fun plenty of it with the 27-year-antique rapper.

In one video, the British model may be seen looking on as Megan poses at the red carpet in a brown Mugler get dressed. But Delevingne didn’t stay on the sidelines. In any other video, Delevingne joined the rapper at the purple carpet and held the train of Megan’s dress as she posed for photos.

Delevingne’s attentiveness to Megan endured within the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, in which the 2 have been seated subsequent to each other for the display.

As Megan changed into having communication with Doja Cat, who became seated within the row in the front of them, Delevingne pops her head in and joins the chat.

“I love you men together,” the “Kiss Me More” rapper advised Delevingne and Megan.

Delevingne additionally showed a few love to Doja Cat and was given at the floor to take an image of her alongside rapper Fat Joe and DJ Khaled.

When Megan won the award for pinnacle rap female artist, Delevingne changed into there to cheer the “Sweetest Pie” emcee on, adjusting the teach of Megan’s get dressed as she made her way to the degree after which gave her a standing ovation.

Sunday night time wasn’t the first time Delevingne and Megan had been noticed together. The two were visible dancing at Cardi B’s Met Gala after-birthday party earlier this month, consistent with a video shared on social media.

Fans online have been both amused and disposed of by using Delevingne’s conduct closer to Megan at the Billboard Music Awards.

“Cara Delevingne’s conduct so greatly outweighs whatever embarrassing I’ve ever executed that I suppose she cured my tension,” Twitter user @amberleejo_ wrote.

“I suppose Megan Thee Stallion needs a brand new assistant,” @cant_log_off tweeted. “this Cara Delevingne girl is a little an awful lot.”

“i need a restraining order put on cara delevingne on behalf of all black women,” Twitter user @c4cca2 wrote.

“I need federal research on Cara delevingne,” @_aceeve tweeted.

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