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Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.92 Patch Notes

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The Survival of The Fittest launch for PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation five
ARK was re-designed from the ground up, specializing in speedy-paced gameplay and intense combat round big-scale creature battles
A whopping 88 dinosaurs and creatures at release!
A simplified model of The Island from ARK: Survival Evolved
Solo and Tribe based game modes

Overhaul UI/UX Experience to speak most effectively about what’s important and gamepad friendly.
Inventory Management has been completely removed for easier and faster gameplay revel in.
Looting-targeted layout – Harvesting has been removed and changed with tier-primarily based deliver crates where items are rewarded to all members of your tribe or killing dinos in your very own additional assets.
Weapons and armor have been modified and rebalanced for the ultimate speedy tempo enjoy and simple player progression.
New timing device: kill creatures for tokens and then spend those tokens on taming new wilds or stealing downed tames from your enemies!
Commander Mode. A birds-eye-view mode that can be entered at any time of the sport, permitting you to manipulate your army of dinosaurs (RTS style) greater correctly, without delay possess person creatures inside your arsenal, and trouble commands in your crew because the ultimate strategist (which includes an ally-pushed fog of conflict). Thus after a player has died, they could still participate in the fit as a commander and continue to manipulate and possess the group’s Dinosaur.

Dino Tier System – Dinos are rewarded for their kills with EXP to boost them to a new tier providing them with fixed statistical blessings and eliminating dino-level RNG.
Dynamic “ring of demise” specific to each spherical allowing emergent gameplay and unpredictable advantages
A clever Pinging System to assist communication inside teams
Custom-Painted “War Banners” enable Tribes to expose their group spirit on Flags across their navy of Dinosaurs!
Summon bosses of the ARK to reinforce your arsenal in this last Dino Army revel in
A custom live-orchestrated soundtrack changed written with the aid of award-winning composer Gareth Coker of Ori and the Blind Forest and ARK: The Animated Series

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