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Anupama eleven June 2022 Written Update: Shahs Face Humiliation At Housewarming Party

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Anupama 11 June 2022 episode begins with Anuj and Anupama accomplishing their new residence for the housewarming rite. Anupama gets fearful after seeing the media people clicking the duo’s pics. However, Anuj attempts to pacify her and makes her experience cozy. The newshounds ask Anuj approximately re-joining the Kapadia enterprise, however then Barkha abruptly comes in between and addresses the media on his behalf, leaving Anuj and Anupama all shocked.

Anupama June 11 written update
Anupama gets involved as the Shahs did no longer arrive for the ceremony but. Anuj asks each person to attend outdoor until the Shahs come. However, Barkha takes the media human beings inside the house and asks them to cowl the Kapadia residence, leaving Anuj and Anupama shocked. On the alternative hand, Kavya informs Vanraj, Leela and Hasmuk that Anuj bought the house in Ahemdabad’s most posh location.

Later, Anupama confides in Anuj that everybody entered the residence without doing the ‘Grahpravesh.’ Anuj and Anupama talk to Barkha about this, to which the latter responds and says that she become clueless about the reality that she does now not have the proper to make any selection.

Shahs arrive at Kapadia mansion
As quickly as the Shahs arrive on the Kapadia mansion, the guard stops them and asks them to show the invite. This makes Vanraj furious and he feels insulted. Paritosh asks Vanraj to calm down and he at the side of Samar, Kinjal and Pakhi decide to call Anupama, but, they couldn’t reach her.

Later Barkha learns approximately the Shah and she receives angry at them for developing a scene. Barkha has a huge argument with Vanraj and misbehaves with the Shah. Suddenly, Anuj enters the frame and calmly handles the scenario. He receives mad at Barkha for mistreating his in-laws. Later Anupama feels guilty for no longer being present for her family and apologizes to them for facing all of the humiliation.

Anupama next episode spoiler
Hasmuk offers affords to the Kapadia family on behalf of the Shah. Barkha asks the house helpers to maintain the items aside. As she is about to begin the celebration, Anupama interrupts and says that the party will take region most effective after the pooja.

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