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Alabama football: No. 6 Tennessee beats No. 3 Alabama on final play in a high-scoring thriller

alabama vs tennessee
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All the speaking and guessing is over — it’s time for Tennessee-Alabama. CBS can be stay from Neyland Stadium at 3:30 p.M. ET, with kickoff set for around three:39 p.M. ET.

Follow along stay and discuss the game with us beneath.

Hooker to Keyton for 20. Ball at the 50. 9 seconds left.
Another third and 10 — no sir. Bama will kick from 50 yards out. 21 seconds left.
Third and 10, Young converts. Tennessee introduced the house and didn’t make it. Field intention variety from here.
51 seconds to play, and Bama at the 50.
Young running the 2-minute drill. First down to the 40. First right down to the 50.
TOUCHDOWN (do I should even say it??) JALIN HYATT. TD No. Five for No. Eleven. Tie game.
4th and 1 becomes 4th and 6 after a fake start. And Tennessee gets picked off — but hold everything. There was DPI down the sector, giving Tennessee a primary down and trendy lifestyle.
Vols in the 25. 4 mins to play, down 7.
Tennessee moving slowly, aided by the aid of a DPI name. To midfield. Jaylen Wright for 15 more.
There it is. The mistake that couldn’t appear. Hooker and Small get tangled on a choice look and Alabama gets the inside track and rating. 49-42, Bama. 7:49 to play.
Bama drops a touchdown now 4th down on the 1 they arrive right again to the tight and give up for the score. This Tennessee protection is virtually gassed.
8:38 left to play. Alabama 42, Tennessee 42.

Young right now responds Jojo Earle for 42 yards. Wide open. Bama threatening.
SACK! Huge loss as Tennessee ultimately gets home. 2nd and a mile.
JALIN HYATT AGAIN! To the house. And the 2-factor conversion is right. Tennessee forty-two, Alabama 35. What a recreation.
Tennessee FINALLY receives to Young and lays a lick on him, forcing 4th down. We input the 4th sector with Bama up 35-34. Bama will punt.
Hooker misses excessive and is picked off for the first time all day. With the way Bryce is rolling proper now, that’s going to be a tough one to overcome.
A protecting pass interference name bails Bama out. Alabama leads after some other Gibbs landing, 35-34.
McClellan takes it in, but a retaining call will bring it back ten yards. Third and intention and a put off of the sport. 3rd and goal from the 15.
Young is carving Tennessee up now. Bama riding again.
Bama doing a without a doubt high-quality job picking up Tennessee’s blitzes.
AND ANSWER, THEY DID. JALIN HYATT FOR ANOTHER SIX. Right over the top, see ya. Tennessee 34, Alabama 28. Chase McGrath misses the greater point.
Touchdown, Alabama. Big play down the sphere, then Gibbs takes it in. You should experience the momentum swinging, and right here we’re.
Bama is going for 2 and the tie and receives it. Tennessee 28, Alabama 28. Volunteers should find a solution quickly.

Tennessee opens the 0.33 zone with a turnover on downs. Jacob Warren turned into stuffed and it’s Alabama soccer at midfield. Hooker overlooked a huge open forty-yard bypass to Keyton a couple of snaps earlier.
HALFTIME: Tennessee 28, Alabama 20

Heupel brings in Milton for the hail mary, and it almost labored. Just off of Bru McCoy’s arms. HALFTIME SCORE: Tennessee 28, Alabama 20. Vols’ ball after half of.
Young flies immediately down the sphere. He finds the red zone, but Tennessee stuffs Gibbs on a draw. Bama opts to take the three and hits. Tennessee 28, Alabama 20. 41 2nd left inside the half of.
Vols get past midfield and face a 4th and 6 – they pass for it – and don’t get it. Hooker had Keyton deep but overthrew him by using multiple toes. Bama ball, big second here with mins left in the half of.
Tennessee going 4-minute offense and finding achievement. Driving.
Touchdown, Alabama. Bryce Young to Ja’Corey Brooks. Bama needed to have that, and they got it. Tennessee 28, Alabama 17 (6:forty six, 2Q).
Bama settling in, and slowly operating. Jace McClellan getting a whole lot of run here and selecting up chunks. Now Gibbs — more chunks. Bama rolling down the field.
Hooker pushes it to Keyton over the middle, entering the red zone. Princeton Fant caps off the pressure with a carry-up to the center. Tennessee 28, Alabama 10. What a swing.
HUGE SWING. Just as Bama was getting a few moments, a unique team’s blunder gives it again to Tennessee. Alabama attempted to choose up a punt and was given hit, fumbling the ball. Vols ball in Bama territory.
Alabama put together a terrific searching force, but couldn’t near the deal. The power stalled at the three, and Saban opted to take the three points. Tennessee 21, Alabama 10 as we open the second zone. Bryce Young took every other huge shot, too.
Touchdown, Jalin Hyatt (x2). Vols up 21-7 at the Tide.
Tennessee soccer after a horrific punt. Hooker going to paintings – Vols driving.
Bama has up to 5 consequences already. Absolutely killing them. Make that six. My goodness. Alabama rattled? Now a delay of the game.
BOOM. Hendon Hooker dials one up to Jalin Hyatt. Right over the top for 6. Tennessee 14-7. (6:forty three, 1Q).
Young again deep, ‘Bama beats press guy. Gibbs rankings play later. Tied up at 7-7.
Tennessee blending seems, but Young finds an opening. Big play down the sector to transform 1/3 down. Tide driving.
Touchdown, Tennessee. EASY drive to get going right here, Jabari Small takes it in. Heupel kept Alabama off-stability, going both at the ground and via the air. You can’t draw it up any better. 7-0, Vols.
Tennessee forces a punt to begin. Volunteers appeared pretty stout up front, stuffing some runs and hitting Young to get the stop.
We are underway from Knoxville.
Bryce Young has been throwing in warmups for Alabama and is predicted to give it a go. Is he 100 percent even though? We’ll find out rapidly.
Tennessee has officially ruled out Cedric Tillman and Jaylen McCollough.

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